Go with the flow

The River Main is where neighbours meet for a chat and is a great place for picnics with friends. In the early morning the river bank belongs to the joggers. There’s a fantastic view of first light over the surface of the water making for a truly romantic start to the day. Thanks to the mature trees, warm summer days at the waterside are well-shaded, fresh and very pleasant indeed. This is the starting point for an adventurous cycle tour around the landscapes of the Rhein-Main region, right outside the door. The 600 km long Main-Radweg cycle path is one of the most appealing cycle routes in the whole of Germany. There are great days out stopping at the beer gardens along the Main bank and the popular destinations visited by cyclists and locals alike.

Come on down, enjoy, drop anchor! The Main bank right outside the door is practically a restorative holiday, exuding peace and relaxation.

The River Main is a big draw, due above all to the superbly landscaped parkland along the river bank. The city of Frankfurt am Main is proud to be named after the river, and the 24 km long river bank is considered the living room of so-called “Mainhattan”. It is home to the Museumsuferfest, the largest festival in the whole Rhein-Main region. The waterway is one of the main reasons for the development of the region into one of the most important trading centres in Europe.